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Yoga Teacher Training at Loft Yoga In Bay St. Louis, MS

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Nathalie Croix was the first to exposed me so deeply to the true practice of yoga. I carry that space in my heart every day and will always be grateful for the transformation that took place there and the loving energy of my teacher Nathalie. Nathalie led us through such a spiritual experience every day we met for training, we cried, laughed, learned and created a strong community. Shanti's RYT-200 training inspired me to keep studying and teaching Yoga as my full time job, and Nathalie guided me towards my next steps after my graduation to keep pursuing my dreams and passions. I know I will always have a home in Shanti Yoga Shala and forever thankful for the doors Nathalie and the studio opened up for me! 

Beatriz Bonnin
"I have experienced so much growth and healing since beginning my yoga teacher training with Nathalie Croix. I believe that yoga is about connecting to the body, mind, and spirit. I have learned so much about not only the asanas, or physical postures, but also about how to find peace and love within myself and others. I am learning that I can spread peace and love into the world through not only teaching yoga but also through living out the principles of yoga, such as performing acts of kindness. Each weekend I feel so refreshed, with renewed vibrancy. I highly recommend the yoga teacher training at Shanti Yoga Shala for anyone who would like to deepen their own yoga practice as well as contribute to world healing."I have experienced so much growth and healing since beginning my yoga teacher training with Nathalie at Shanti Yoga Shala."

Katie Najder 
What Is The Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training ?
  • The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is an in-depth yoga program in which participants deepen their yoga practice and enhance their lives by learning tools to live a more conscious life on and off the yoga mat. During our program students will learn how to break down yoga poses, create intelligent yoga sequences, meditate, learn history of yoga , how to apply yoga philosophy to our daily lives, hands on adjustments, student/teacher relationship, how to create a home practice, business of yoga, restoratives yoga, pre-natal yoga and much more!
Why Does Anyone Want To Enroll In A Yoga Teacher Training?
  • ​If you love yoga and meditation and you are concerned with not only bettering your life, but also sharing the love of yoga and enhancing the lives of others and our planet – a good yoga teacher training is highly recommended. Also if you love yoga and would like to deepen your yoga practice and learn the postures correctly with proper alignment, form and breath – enrolling in a yoga teacher training with a well qualified experienced instructor is highly recommended.
Who Qualifies ?
  • Anyone who has a sincere love for the practice of yoga. Anyone who has a sincere will to learn and grow. This program is available for yogis of all levels : beginners are also welcome. Come with an open mind and an open heart and we promise you an amazing / transformational and effective experience.
What Do I Get With The 200 Hour Teacher Training ?
  • Besides the many tools and healing techniques you will acquire to enhance life on Earth for life time, and deepening your own personal practice of yoga and meditation – You will also get an official 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training certificate, Yoga Alliance Registered, recognized internationally.
What Is The Experience Like?
  • We practice yoga on and off the mat. There are lectures, discussions, lot's of sharing, meditation, journaling, as well as we explore many healing techniques.
Who Is Your Lead Yoga Trainer ?
  • You lead trainer/ teacher is Nathalie Croix. Nathalie has been teaching and practicing yoga for almost twenty years. She has studied under todays top yoga masters world wide. She spent significant time in India during four trips to learn yoga asana and philosophy and meditation. She was a professional dancer earlier in her life and has college degree in dance kinesiology. She is also SmartFLOW certified teacher, YogaWorks certified and White Lotus Foundation among many other certification programs she has acquired along the journey, she is continuously updating her teaching and trainings on a personal level and for her Yoga School. Nathalie is also an energy healer and a life coach and has served as a mentor in her community for many. Nathalie has been leading teacher trainings for eight consecutive years now with over one hundred graduates. She is the author of Living Life In Light, a blogger, the host of the popular LIFE ON EARTH PODCAST on Apple podcast and all major platforms, and the designer for crystal healing line Aghora Crystals. For more info on Nathalie please visit and follow her on Instagram @nathaliecroix
Training Method
  • Nathalie’s method is non-dogmatic, focuses on cultivating a long, healthy and happy yoga practice for practitioners of all levels. We focus on alignment, on intelligent and creative yoga sequences. Yoga is a practice of balance and equanimity. Yoga happens on and off the mat. Through our trainings we create awareness for every day life by cultivation the many tools of yoga. Standing on the shoulders of the past, we respect tradition and history and yet we are open to new discoveries and evolution : knowing that the practice of yoga is ever evolving and growing. We honor each student where they are at for yoga is a practice of radical acceptance
How Long Does It Take To Complete The Training?
  • We require you attend 7 workshop/training weekends. 
  • ​Our training also has an online component which includes videos, audios, podcasts, meditations and articles. 

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